Get Ready To Hit The Slopes

Get Ready To Hit The Slopes

If you’re planning on hitting the slopes this winter it’s probably not a bad idea to start preparing now by doing some simple strengthening exercises. A little preparation can go a long way to ensuring that you have a fun weekend and aren’t hobbling around when you get back. Skiing presents a unique challenge for your body and uses various muscle groups in ways that many other forms of recreation don’t. It’s important to remember that often your large muscles can take the constant motion and pounding associated with skiing, but getting the secondary muscles trained and conditioned will help avoid injury.

There are 5 main muscle groups used in skiing:

  1. Quadriceps: Quads are the most used muscle group in skiing. They hold you in position as you ski and provide protection for your knees. Good quad exercises are squats and lunges.
  1. Hamstrings and Glutes: When skiing, you hold your body in a flexed position, leaning forward from the hips. This requires great strength from your hamstrings and glutes to stabilize your body. Work your hamstrings and glutes with deadlifts, and step-ups.
  1. Inner and Outer thighs: Your inner thighs work to keep your skis together. Your outer thighs keep your body stable and help you steer. Side lunges are great for strengthening these muscles.
  1. Calves: Your knees are bent as you ski. Your calves help you stay upright so you don’t keel over. Work your calves with standing calve raises.
  1. Abs and Back: As you’re in a flexed, bent over position, your back works hard to hold your body in that position. To protect your spine from injury, your core must be conditioned. Work your core with exercises like bicycle crunches, V-ups, medicine ball twists, back extensions, lat pulls and dumb bell rows.

The stronger you are before you hit the slopes the better your chances are of having an enjoyable and injury-free getaway. So if you’re planning to head up the mountain this winter start preparing now. If something does happen and you find yourself in need of physical therapy give LOPT a call.


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