Strengthen Your Ankles To Prevent Injury

Strengthen Your Ankles To Prevent Injury

One of the best ways to make sure that your ankles stay healthy is to make them strong. Strong ankles ensure that you have a good base for athletics and are less likely to become injured. Below we have some exercises that will help you strengthen your ankles no matter what your activity level.

1. Alphabet ankles:To perform these, sit on a chair. Elevate your ankle in the air and write the alphabet with your feet, think of your big toe as a pen. Write out A, B, C, and so on with the motions of your foot in the air.

  • What it does: This will work just about every muscle around your ankles while simultaneously working on full range of motion.
  • Tip: Rather than performing it perfectly from the beginning, you should perform it slowly, partially, and frequently. As ankle strength and range of motion improves, you can perform it better and faster while keeping the frequency.

2. Calf raises:Get on something with an edge and go to your toes. Repeat.

  • What it does: This places a heavier load on ankle flexion while keeping your ankles safe.
  • Tip: As you get better, close your eyes so that you can incorporate balance and, in turn, a stronger stability component to the exercise.

3. Tip-toe farmer’s walk:Grab a pair of dumbbells or other weights, get on your toes, and walk.

  • What it does: It’s stability training with motion. During the walk, a majority of your weight will be on one ankle, furthering the stability needed to keep you from falling.
  • Tip: Something as simple as full water bottles can serve as weights in a pinch.

4. Barefoot glute thrust:Get in a sit-up position. With your heels, push up to get your hip up from the floor.

  • Why it works: It places load on your ankles without much range of motion.
  • Tip: The closer you place your ankles to your glute, the more range of motion is needed from your ankles.


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